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The Journey of a Rose Balimba Collection: From Idea to Table

At Rose Balimba, creating a new collection is a meticulous process that combines creativity, craftsmanship, and collaboration. As the founder of this vibrant and unique tableware brand, I wanted to share the behind-the-scenes journey of how our collections come to life. Here's a step-by-step look into our creative process:

1. Brainstorming for Trends & New Ideas

Every new collection starts with a brainstorming session. We explore the latest trends, gather inspiration, and think about what themes and motifs could bring joy and color to your dining table.

2. Preselecting Different Possible Themes

From our brainstorming session, we preselect a handful of themes that resonate with our brand's playful and artistic spirit. These themes are the foundation upon which our next collection will be built.

3. Choosing an Illustrator

Choosing the right illustrator is crucial. We seek out talented artists whose style aligns with our vision. The collaboration between our team and the illustrator is a vital part of the creative process.

4. Deciding on the Theme

Together with the illustrator, we discuss which theme would best fit Rose Balimba’s artistic direction. This involves considering current trends, our brand identity, and the unique charm we aim to deliver with each collection.

5. Design Proposals

The illustrator creates various design proposals based on the selected theme. These initial sketches and concepts are the first tangible representations of the new collection.

6. Refining the Designs

There's a lot of back and forth at this stage. We provide feedback, make adjustments, and refine the designs until they perfectly capture the essence of Rose Balimba. This iterative process ensures that every detail is just right.

7. Sending Designs to Our Portuguese Workshop

Once the designs are finalized, we send them to our beloved workshop in Portugal. This workshop is where the magic happens, bringing our concepts to life with exceptional craftsmanship.

8. Crafting and Hand-Painting

The artisans at the workshop create the ceramic pieces and hand-paint each design with meticulous care. This step honors the tradition of Portuguese craftsmanship, ensuring that every piece is unique and beautifully crafted.

9. Firing the Pieces

The colourful ceramics go through the kiln twice – once before painting and once after. This dual-firing process ensures the durability and vibrancy of the colors, making our tableware not only beautiful but also practical for everyday use.

10. Packing and Shipping

Once the ceramics are completed, they are carefully packed and shipped from Portugal to our stock location in Paris. We ensure that every piece arrives in perfect condition, ready to brighten your table.

11. Sending to Our Clients

Finally, each order is packed with care and sent to our clients. We take pride in ensuring that the unboxing experience is as delightful as the pieces themselves.

Creating a Rose Balimba collection is a labor of love, involving numerous steps and a dedicated team of talented individuals. We are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and craftsmanship, while continually bringing new, vibrant designs to our customers. Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our colorful journey.

Warm regards,

Anne-Sophie Moretti
Founder, Rose Balimba

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