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🍓 The flower collection is now BACK IN STOCK ! 🍓

😄 Infuse Your Summer Table with Joy !

 Where Quirk Meets Chic - Serve Up Smiles with Every Bite!

Are you ready to take your summer dining experience to a whole new level of fun and creativity? With Rose Balimba's collection of colorful plates, you can create the perfect summer table that radiates happiness and sets the stage for memorable gatherings. Let's embark on a journey where quirk meets chic, and serving up smiles with every bite becomes a delightful reality.


  1. Embrace the Joy of Mixing & Matching:

At Rose Balimba, we believe that every meal should be a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Our range of colorful plates and collections allows you to mix & match with boundless creativity. Embrace the joy of curating a summer table that reflects your unique style.

  1. Elevate Your Table with Limited Editions:

Our colorful plates are not just tableware; they are limited editions designed to bring happiness to your dining experience. Each plate is a work of art, infused with the passion and creativity of our talented artists who believe in the power of laughter. Elevate your summer table with plates that exude positivity and joy, making every meal a moment to cherish.Try our lovely cherry tomatoes pasta bowl to serve your favourite summer salad!

  1. Set the Tone with Chicness & Whimsy:

With Rose Balimba's joyful kitchenware, you can effortlessly set the tone for a chic and whimsical summer table. Whether you're hosting a lively brunch or a relaxed afternoon gathering, our colorful plates add a touch of playfulness that will captivate your guests. Create an inviting atmosphere combining the two collections and mixing sizes.

  1. Bring the Outdoors In:

Summer is the season of bountiful colors and natural beauty. With our nature-inspired designs, you can bring the outdoors in and infuse your summer table with a fresh and vibrant ambiance. Imagine dining amidst blossoming flowers, lush foliage, and the cheerful energy of a sunny day – all captured on your Rose Balimba plates.

Serve your cucumber minted soup in the papaya bowl or in her little sister flower bowl!

  1. Spark Conversations & Happy Memories:

The uniqueness of each plate and collection is a conversation starter in itself. Watch as your guests marvel at the artistic beauty displayed on your table. Share the stories behind our limited editions, the artists' inspiration, and the joyous moments that inspired their creation. Our colorful plates not only serve as serving vessels but also as catalysts for happy memories shared with loved ones.

  1. A Touch of Whimsical Elegance:

Mixing & matching colorful plates adds a touch of whimsical elegance to your summer table. It's the perfect balance of sophistication and playfulness, a celebration of life's little joys. Let your table become an expression of your spirit, where laughter and delight are the main ingredients in every dish served.

In conclusion, Rose Balimba's colorful plates offer the perfect recipe for a joy-infused summer table. Mix & match different collections to create a visually stunning and personalized tablescape that brings smiles to everyone's faces. Let quirk meet chic as you embark on a dining experience that radiates happiness and celebrates the beauty of life with every bite!

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